What does GSH mean in baseball?

Grand Slams

In baseball, "GSH" is a stat that refers to the number of grand slams hit. People may use it to signify the number of grand slams hit by a team or player or the number let up by a pitcher to a team or player.

For example, your friend may text you, "Did you know that Royce Lewis has 5 GSH, which is the most by a rookie in MLB history?" Or a fan may post on social media, "It feels like Rodriguez lets up a bomb every time the bases are juiced. He's gotta have at least GSH." People may also use GRSL as a stat for grand slams hit.


He has done well limiting the damage when the bases are loaded as he has given up 0 GSH
He's gonna need to do that here again if they wanna keep the game close

Big Papi GSH for the Red Sox

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Updated October 17, 2023

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