What does HE stand for in poker?

Texas Hold'em

Some poker players use HE as an abbreviation for Texas Hold'em, a popular poker variant. For example, you might see players use HE to mean Hold'em on poker forums and other poker-related websites.

In HE, players are each dealt two facedown cards, referred to as hole cards. Players then use their hole cards and a communal set of five face-up cards to make the best poker hand, with rounds of betting after the flop (the reveal of the first three face-up cards), the turn (the reveal of the fourth face-up card), and the river (the reveal of the fifth face-up card).

Because HE features several dramatic reveals and rounds of betting, it is many poker players' and viewers' favorite variant. For this reason, HE is the primary variant played at the World Series of Poker (WSOP).


I love HE because it rewards skill over luck
I mean, yeah, but only to a certain extent

TMW you lose an "unloseable" hand of HE

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Updated October 23, 2023

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