1. What does AON stand for in gaming?

All or nothing

Gamers use AON to stand for all or nothing. Typically, gamers use this acronym to describe an important or risky move, which will either win them the game or leave them

For example, a poker player who has gone all-in (AI) may say they're playing an AON hand. This is because, if the player loses, they'll have no money left - and likely be out of the game.


Yes, this is an AON play. But it's our best chance of winning. Playing it safe won't get us anywhere in this spot

TMW it's either AON

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Updated October 16, 2023
2. What does AON stand for?

As of now

When you're discussing the state of a project, person, or idea, AON stands for "as of now." This acronym is used to refer to the current moment.

For example, AON you are reading this slang definition. And AON, you're likely about to click away, because you've learned what AON means.


AON I'm planning to work over the weekend. It's the only way to finish the project on time

AON, Michael wants to be dead

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Updated December 23, 2020
3. What does AON mean in messages?

Apropos of nothing

AON is an obscure acronym that people may use when messaging something without any apparent rhyme or reason. Often, they use it to preface something they are about to say that is off-topic.

For example, your friend may text you about plans for the weekend and you reply with, "aon, u hungry for a burger?" Or, your co-worker may IM or email you when your team is discussing the pending merger, "AON - I think we should change the color scheme in the latest mockup."

AON is obscure because there are more common alternatives, including "OT" ("off-topic") and "C/S" ("change subject"). When someone uses AON and goes off-topic, people may say they "derailed the convo."


AON, but here's a random idea
Oh no, not again

Likely reply to AON

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Updated April 8, 2024

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