What does HSM stand for?

High school musical

Parents, teens, and high school faculty may use the acronym HSM to refer to an upcoming "high school musical." More likely, however, HSM is a reference to High School Musical, a popular 2006 Disney Channel original movie.

In the original HSM, uber-jock Troy Bolton befriends and falls in love with STEM nerd Gabriella Montez. Together, the two decide to try out for that year's high school musical. This decision upsets Troy and Gabriella's friends, as well as theater geeks Sharpay and Ryan Evans. However, everything works out in the end, thanks to the magic of song.

Disney released multiple High School Musical sequels, and the franchise's fans still refer to it as HSM on social media. You may see the original HSM referred to as HSM 1 and its sequels referred to as HSM 2 and 3.


Who was your favorite character in HSM? Mine's Troy; he's so dreamy

There's not a star in heaven that we can't reach

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Updated June 17, 2021

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