What does IAWTP stand for online?

I agree with the post

IAWTP is an acronym people may use on social media to communicate that they agree with another user's post. People most often use IAWTP online on social sites, such as Facebook or YouTube, but they may also use it in discussion forums.

The IAWTP acronym was a convenient option that was more common before sites implemented "thumbs up" like buttons and upvote options. For example, a Facebook user may post a hot take, and you may agree with their opinion, so you comment "IAWTP" to communicate agreement with them. Or, a user may post a proposed solution in a DIY forum to help someone with their house project, and you comment, "That's the best solution, IMO. IAWTP."


I don't think he's fit to run for office. He's just too old
An IAWTP comment on social media
An IAWTP comment on social media

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Updated August 25, 2023

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