SH has 2 meanings
1. What does SH stand for?

Same here

SH is an acronym that stands for "same here," which is another way of saying, "Me too." It is typically used to respond to someone's statement to say that you share the same sentiment.

The acronym is the same as saying ditto but may cause confusion since the acronym is not very popular. Also, the recipient may think that you're trying to shush him to be quiet.


SH, I don't really like watching football that much.

SH means same here

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Updated June 20, 2018
2. What does SH stand for when playing poker online?

Short handed

SH is a poker acronym describing a table with fewer card players than usual in standard play. For example, if the table is two players short, you might ask everyone, "You know of any players that want to join? We r sh."

People may also use "SH" for contexts other than poker or other online games. For example, if you are short-handed for playing a softball game, you may text teammates to look for substitutes, "We r sh with only 8 guys tonite so lmk if u know ppl that want 2 play!" Or, you may be short-handed for moving out of your house, and email friends and family for help, "If anyone is free this week to help move, we'd love your help! We are SH and will provide pizza. :)"


I like SH play better because it moves faster.
I don't. It throws off my game too much.
People often use SH when short handed in online games and other areas of life
People often use SH when short handed in online games and other areas of life

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Updated May 31, 2023

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