What does IB2D stand for?

I beg to differ

IB2D stands for "I beg to differ," which is a more polite way of saying, "I don't think so." It is typically used in text messages and online.

The acronym is often used in the midst of s discussion when a person is refuting another person's opinion. Common discussion topics where IB2D may be utilized include politics, religion, who the GOAT is in a certain sport, and how to properly put a toilet paper roll on a dispenser.

IB2D is uncommon since it is primarily only used by slang-savvy users. Because it is obscure, be careful who you use it with, as it may confuse older, non-slang-savvy users.


IB2D - I think dieting is only effective if you exercise along with it

IB2D means i beg to differ

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Updated November 9, 2020

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