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1. What does IB stand for on TikTok?

Inspired by

TikTokers include IB in their video captions to denote that another TikToker inspired the post. For example, a person may post a video of themselves dancing with the caption, "Check out this new move! IB: @johndoe."

Since there is a ton of content-copying on TikTok, users began including the IB acronym with their posts to include a shoutout to the original creator. In addition, people often use it when sharing a video of a fad, like a dance move, practical joke, or creative illustration. While you will most likely see IB on TikTok, you may also encounter it on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


This is the coolest idea ever! IB: @janedoe
TikTok with IB cred
TikTok with IB cred

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Updated April 20, 2022
2. What does IB stand for in messages?

I'm back

When you return to a conversation after being gone for a while, you can use "IB," which stands for "I'm back." For example, if you return to a chat room after eating dinner, you might message them, "IB, what'd I miss?"

IB is helpful when returning to an ongoing conversation after a brief absence, like a text or online message thread. However, IB is somewhat obscure, meaning you will likely confuse the recipient instead of making the communication quicker. Instead of IB, you should probably type out "I'm back."


IB, sorry that took longer than expected
NP. I hope it went well!

IB is one way to make an entrance

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Updated September 26, 2022

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