Locked In

What does it mean when someone is locked in?

Doing well

When someone is doing something so well, they are "locked in," meaning all other distractions fall away because they are incredibly focused on the task at hand. For example, if a person's fit perfectly complements their make-up, making them look amazing, they are "locked in."

You will see or hear people use "locked in" in person and online (including on social media). Some areas where people may be locked in include sports, fashion, and work.

For example, a basketball commentator may exclaim, "Brown is locked in tonight, draining his 5th three-pointer of the night!" Or, a Zendaya fan may ask, "Have you seen Dune 2 yet? My girl Zen was locked in!" And a more mundane example is "Luke just crushed his work presentation. He's locked in!"


Jessica's dress is fire
Bet. She's locked in
Luka was locked in during the first quarter
Luka was locked in during the first quarter

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Updated May 31, 2024

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