What is hardmaxxing?

Making extreme improvements to increase attractiveness

Hardmaxxing is when a person takes extreme measures to increase their attractiveness. For example, a hardmaxxer may get cosmetic surgery (e.g., a BBL or nose job) to improve a part of their body and overall attractiveness.

Origin of hardmaxxing

Hardmaxxing is a type of looksmaxxing, like softmaxxing, but on the other end of the spectrum. For example, softmaxxing involves minor improvements like changing your diet or dying your hair, whereas hardmaxxing pertains to more intense and permanent solutions.

The trend gained notoriety in the early 2020s, primarily online, including on social sites (e.g., influencers on TikTok and Instagram) and in fashion forums. For example, users may post their hardmaxxing progress in a fitness or fashion Reddit group.


Eugene's gotta lay off the cheek fillers. He's looking like a balloon
Agreed. He's hardmaxxing to the extreme
Hardmaxxing post on Reddit
Hardmaxxing post on Reddit

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Updated May 2, 2024

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