What is softmaxxing?

Making minor beauty improvements

Softmaxxing is when a person attempts to make minor improvements to their physical appearance. Examples of softmaxxing include changing your diet, slightly squinting your eyes or pushing your tongue to your mouth to accentuate your jawline (known as "mewing").

You will likely see softmaxxers online, whether it be on social media (e.g., influencers), in fashion forums, or within incel communities. For example, a model may provide softmaxxing techniques to her followers on Instagram.

Origin of softmaxxing

Softmaxxing is an offshoot of looksmaxxing, which uses the "maxxing" term (comes from the "min-maxing" gaming term that describes an RPG player's attempt to maximize a specific stat). It gained popularity in the early 2020s, along with "hardmaxxing," which involves more extreme measures to become more attractive, like cosmetic surgery.


Craig has been acting weird recently
Yeah, he's been softmaxxing for his wedding in June
Ah, that explains why he's constantly chewing gum to improve his jawline
Softmaxxing question on Reddit
Softmaxxing question on Reddit

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Updated May 2, 2024

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