Loot Drop

What is a loot drop in online gaming?

The items an enemy drops after you kill them

In RPGs, FPSes, and other video games, players may refer to the items a dead enemy drops as a loot drop. This term is an extension of the term loot, which players use to refer to valuable in-game items.

Other contexts loot drop is used in

Because loot drop is a popular and widely understood term, gamers and companies sometimes use it outside video games. For example, Twitch refers to some of its item giveaways as Drops and loot drops, and gamers sometimes discuss real-life "loot drops" on social media platforms.


What do you think Bill Gates's loot drop would be?
WWYLDB - what would your loot drop be?
WWYLDB - what would your loot drop be?

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Updated July 14, 2021

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