What does LRT stand for on Twitter?

Last retweet

On Twitter, LRT stands for "last retweet." When a tweeter includes LRT in a tweet, it means they're commenting on the last item they retweeted.

Typically, when a Twitter user wants to comment on a tweet they are retweeting, they quote tweet that tweet. This allows the user to comment as they retweet, placing the comments and the original tweet in context. However, when a user wants to drive engagement to another user's tweet, they may retweet it without comment and then post their comments separately. In that case, the tweet containing the user's comments may start with LRT, to let other users know it is a response to a recent retweet.

LRT is most often used when retweeting and commenting on artists' work, to ensure those artists benefit from the increased attention and engagement a non-quoted retweet can bring. While figuring out which retweet a user is referring to in an LRT tweet can be confusing, you can usually figure it out by scrolling through the user's profile.


LRT check out the amazing colorwork! I'd kill to have those skills
A Twitter user explaining LRT
A Twitter user explaining LRT

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Updated February 18, 2021

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