What does m02 mean?

My two cents

When sharing an opinion, you might qualify it as "M02," which means "my two cents." For example, you might say, "Just M02, but I think his gf is no good," or, "I don't think you should drive in this weather. M02."

M02 is a good option for diffusing tension when discussing something polarizing, like politics or religion, online or in text messages. It's helpful because it notes that a statement you share is your opinion and not necessarily meant to be taken as a proven fact.

Since M02 is obscure and may be confused for something else, be judicious about who you use it with. You can send one of the more common IMO or JMO options if you would like an alternative.


Everyone else seemed to comment on the topic, so I thought I'd offer M02 as well

I'm always happy to give M02

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Updated January 26, 2022

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