Menty B

What is a menty b?

Mental breakdown

A menty b is a term many Gen Zers use to refer to stressful situations. For example, if a teenager's dad is making cringe jokes in front of their bae, they may text their friend, "Bout to have a menty b from my dad."

Origin of Menty b

Zoomers coined menty b in 2021 and often use it online, especially on Twitter and TikTok. The term's origins partially come from the stress brought on by the covid pandemic and Zoomers' amplification of threats to their mental health.

When do people use Menty b?

You will most likely see it online and in texts or hear it spoken aloud. For example, your teenage son may complain, "All this homework is gonna give me a menty b!" Or, a teenage girl may tweet, "I can't stand the wait for the concert. Imma have a menty b!"


I started seeing a therapist after my latest menty b and I'm so much better now
Wow, that's great to hear
Menty b tweet
Menty b tweet

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Updated November 10, 2022

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