What is a mini in Fortnite?

Fortnite small shield potion

In Fortnite, a "mini" is a small shield potion, which is a healing item in Battle Royale. If you consume a mini, your shield increases by 25 but stops at 50 and can only heal your shield to 50% of the maximum value.

While minis were not included in the initial release, Fortnite released the shield potion in season 1, and it is now one of the longest-running items available. Fortnite Battle Royale gamers (or loopers) can find minis in various places, such as chests, supply drops, floor loot, supply llamas, and ammo boxes.


wow that mini saved my life at the very end
that was insane!
A Fortnite mini
A Fortnite mini

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Updated July 9, 2024

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