What does crit mean in WoW?

Critical Strike

World of Warcraft (WoW) players use crit as shorthand for "critical strike." A critical strike is a physical attack that deals double (or more) damage.

Each time a WoW character makes a melee or ranged physical attack, they have a chance to crit. A character's chance to crit is determined by their agility, critical strike rating, and other bonuses. The higher your character's chance to crit, the more often you'll deal crit damage.

Other gamers' use of crit

Other gamers also use crit as shorthand for "critical." For example, DnD players might refer to a critical hit as a crit, and Fortnite players use crit when talking about a weapon's crit rating and crit chance (its chance of scoring a critical hit on an enemy).


This weapon increases your crit chance by 20%
A WoW player commenting on their high crit chance
A WoW player commenting on their high crit chance

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Updated March 7, 2023

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