What does mog mean?

To dominate another man

To mog a man is to assert your dominance over them. This slang term is a clipped version of AMOG.

Origin of mog

AMOG is an acronym used primarily among incels, pickup artists, and fitness buffs. It stands for alpha male of group. However, the same groups that use AMOG as an acronym also use it as a verb, meaning to dominate or outperform another man.

As the verb form of AMOG became more popular, netizens shortened it to just mog. Now, you may see users talk about mogging or getting mogged on 4chan, Instagram, or TikTok.


Why do you have to mog me every time we go out?
I'm just naturally too cool I guess
A Redditor who wonders whether he can mog
A Redditor who wonders whether he can mog

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Updated December 7, 2023

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