What is a multistan?

An obsessed fan of multiple things

A multistan is a person who is obsessed with multiple things, such as celebrities, athletes, movies, comics, or TV shows. It is a variation of stan, which describes someone obsessed with a person or thing.

Where does multistan come from?

Multistan is an extension of the "stan" slang term that comes from Eminem's 2000 song "Stan," which is about an obsessed fan writing to Eminem. The stan term became popular in the 2000s and gained a second life on social media in the mid-2010s. The "multistan" term was then coined in the late-2010s to be a more encompassing label for a stan who spreads his love out among many things.

Differences between a multistan and a stan

The multistan label has a negative connotation among some stans because the multistan spreads her dedication among many things instead of solely supporting one thing. This resentment among stans is widespread in the Kpop realm, where fans have constructed levels to measure fans' dedication (stans are typically placed higher than multistans).

Stans typically want multistans to channel all their love to one band instead of crossing fandom lines and showing love for other bands, which could be especially bad if they are rivals. If you are a millennial, this would be like a dedicated Backstreet Boys fan loving NSYNC equally.

What does a multistan act like?

Multistans are typically more casual than stans, which are so infatuated with a person, music group, TV show, etc., that he or she may even be compared to a stalker. However, some multistans are still obsessed but typically mean no harm; they just take their obsession to a borderline unhealthy place. For example, a Kpop multistan may plaster her bedroom with Kpop musicians' posters, join online fan clubs, comment on music videos, go to all of their concerts, and even name their children after their favorite musicians.


Henry is such a multistan. He equally loves BTS, EXO, TWICE, and GOT7
Multistan tweet
Multistan tweet

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Updated April 8, 2021

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