What does NASL mean online?

Name, age, sex, location

People send "NASL" when they want to know the recipient's name, age, sex, and location. They often send it online in chatrooms and on social media, but they may also send it in texts.

NASL is one of many online chatroom acronyms and abbreviations that rose to popularity in the late-1990s as the Internet grew. As more and more people began meeting and conversing with strangers only identified with screennames in online chatrooms, they wanted to know more about others' physical appearances.

Since people send the acronym to uncover possibly sensitive information in pursuit of a physical meetup with romantic intentions, recipients should be cautious when replying to NASL requests. People may send NASL as part of a whole sentence or as a standalone question ("NASL?").


It's been so nice to meet you!
Agreed! Would you be willing to share your NASL?
Not yet. I'll let you know when I'm ready

When you want to know someone's NASL

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Updated June 14, 2022

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