What does OTT stand for?

Over the top

When something is extreme, it's "OTT," which stands for "over the top." People often use it to describe others' behavior, especially when their reaction is much larger than the situation.

For example, if your friend smashes his TV in reaction to his team's loss, you might text him, "Dude, settle down. You are way OTT." Or, your gf may complain about your mom, messaging you, "You better check your mom, she is OTT tonight."

OTT is not always a bad thing. For example, you may share that you love Michael Bay films because of their OTT explosions. Or, you may love a comedian's humor because they are OTT silly.


That concert last night was OTT!
IKR?! So lit!

An OTT reaction

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Updated April 3, 2023

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