Power Leveling

What is power leveling?

An intense leveling up period

Most often, gamers use power leveling to describe a concerted effort to level up their character in an MMORPG, like World of Warcraft (WoW). More rarely, players also use power leveling to describe intense periods of farming xp in other types of games, such as single-player RPGs or FPSes.

In MMORPGs, there are two ways players can power level their characters. They can power level their characters themselves, by spending hours or days efficiently gathering experience. Or, they can pay a power leveling service, such as Boosthive or Overgear, to play as and level up their character for them.

Players power level to ensure they can beat whatever a game throws at them with ease. Some power levelers prefer to level up at the beginning of a game, to make the whole game easier, while others prefer to power level right before entering a difficult area or battle.


I power level every time I start a new Pokémon game. I like to roll through battles easily
An EverQuest player who is considering paying a power leveling service
An EverQuest player who is considering paying a power leveling service

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Updated September 2, 2022

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