What does QRT mean on Twitter?

Quote retweet

On Twitter, QRT means "quote retweet." QRTs are retweets (RTs) that include not only the original tweet, but also additional comments provided by the retweeter. QRTs are also called Quote Tweets.

For example, if you encounter a tweet that contains a piece of artwork you really love, you could QRT that tweet. Doing so would allow you to not only share the artwork with your followers, but also add extra commentary about why you love the piece so much.

Where do my comments appear when I QRT a tweet?

When you QRT a tweet, your comments appear above the original tweet. If the original tweet contained a link, it may appear in a condensed manner.

How do I QRT on Twitter?

To QRT, or Quote Tweet, a tweet, press the Retweet button and then select Quote Tweet. You'll then be able to add your own comments before retweeting the original tweet.


QRT with your favorite MCU movie and why
QRTs allow Twitter users to add on to existing tweets
QRTs allow Twitter users to add on to existing tweets

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Updated November 17, 2021

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