Revenge Arc

What is a revenge arc?

Quest to get revenge

A revenge arc is an effort a person makes to get revenge on someone who has wronged them somehow, whether it be an ex who broke their heart or a friend who betrayed them. The "arc" refers to the person's journey to attain the revenge, which could be days, months, or years.

For example, your friend may declare, "Once I am able to interview and reject her for the editor job she wants, then my revenge arc will be complete on my high school enemy." Or, you might share a bathroom selfie with your BFF after a workout session with the caption, "Working on my revenge body for my revenge arc. WDYT?"

Revenge arcs are also common in sports, where teams or athletes use it as motivation to get better. For example, a player may have a revenge arc where he's devoted to beating the team that released him.


Wow, Jane looks great. What has she done?
She's completely turned her life around in her revenge arc on her ex-husband
Footballer's revenge arc
Footballer's revenge arc

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Updated July 26, 2023

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