What is a Robo in StarCraft 2?

Robotics Facility

StarCraft 2 (SC2) players use Robo as shorthand for the Protoss Robotics Facility. From this structure, Protoss players can produce several types of mech units, including Observers, Warp Prisms, and Immortals.

After building a Robotics Bay, Protoss players can also use their Robos to produce the Colossus and the Disruptor. All these units act as good support units during the mid game (and in the case of the Observer, Protoss players' only protection against cloaked or burrowed enemies).


I usually open 3gate/robo on this map against other Protoss because it's too hard to take an expansion early
This sure is a string of words
This sure is a string of words

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Updated June 29, 2023

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