What does roping mean in Hearthstone?

Prolonging your turn to waste opponents' time

In Hearthstone and other online CCGs, roping is the practice of wasting another player's time by running out your turn clock, even though you have no more plays to make. This slang term gets its name from Hearthstone's turn clock, which is a rope that burns to its end. When the rope finishes burning, the current player is forced to pass the turn.

Players tend to rope opponents when they are feeling salty about an impending loss. Ropers also often spam in-game emotes, to further annoy their opponents and potentially prompt a ragequit.

While roping is not technically against the rules, CCG players tend to look down upon those who rope. So if you're considering roping, you should likely just scoop and move on instead.


Yes, roping DOES make me feel better, TYVM.
A HS player complaining about ropers

A HS player complaining about ropers

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Updated March 17, 2022

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