What kind of dad is a WAHD?

Work-at-home dad

A WAHD is a dad who stays at home to work. The dad may be employed by a company that allows remote work (WFH job), where he works out of an in-home office. Or, he may own his own business.

WAHDs may also parent along with their work duties (whether this is planned or unplanned). For example, child care may be too expensive for a couple, so they decide that the dad who works at home will parent while completing his work when possible.

Or, if the parenting duties are unplanned, he may play "daddy daycare" while working due to an unexpected school cancellation or sick kid. In addition to WAHDS, there are SAHDs, WAHMs, and SAHMs.


Ever since covid, Mark has become a WAHD
Wow, I didn't think he'd have the patience
It helps that he soundproofed his office in the basement

The WAHD experience

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Updated March 27, 2023

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