What does shool mean?


Teenagers, primarily, use shool as shorthand for "school." This abbreviation originated within the movie Megamind, in which the titular character used it to refer to his elementary school (or shool).

Now, teenagers (some of whom watched Megamind as children) use shool in place of school on social media, in forums, and in text and chat messages. In many cases, teens use shool simply to add a bit of levity to their messages. However, some teens use shool as a commentary on the state of the educational system - implying it is so poor that they don't even know how to spell school.


I got some new threads for shool; excited for you to see them
Oooh, I am also excited to see them!
A use of shool on Reddit
A use of shool on Reddit

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Updated May 19, 2023

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