What is slideware?

Software that is announced but never released

Slideware is software that a company announces via a slideshow-based presentation but never actually releases. You're most likely to see this term used by techies, when discussing apps that have never existed (and likely will never exist) outside promotional materials. It's related to, but more specific than, the more common term vaporware.

How does an app become slideware?

Overaggressive software companies sometimes announce apps without a full understanding of the effort needed to develop them. In these cases, a company might start promoting an app (and worse, state a firm delivery date) far too early. When months or years pass without the app materializing, the app becomes slideware (and a knock on the company's reputation).

Other meanings of slideware

In some cases, techies might refer to app-announcement materials themselves as slideware (because they contain the closest-to-functioning version of the app). This usage can apply to digital or physical promotional materials.

Techies also sometimes refer to presentation software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides, as slideware. So if someone asks you to use slideware to create or deliver a presentation, they're likely referring to those presentation programs.


Most of these AI apps will end up being slideware, I'd imagine
There's no way the companies even have enough developers to develop them all!
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Updated May 25, 2023

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