What does SOTA stand for?

State of the art

Something that is SOTA (state of the art) is the latest and (possibly) best in its class. Nerds and techies often use SOTA to describe innovative or high-quality software and electronics. However, those less inclined to nerdery might use SOTA to describe other types of groundbreaking products (such as kitchen knives and apparel).

A SOTA product typically incorporates all the best ideas, technology, and features in its field. Thus, that product represents the current "state of the art." However, marketers often use the phrase "state of the art" hyperbolically, to draw attention to new products that are not actually better than previous versions, but still need to get sold.


He always uses SOTA audio systems for his home theater
Must be nice to be rich
A Redditor discussing a SOTA large language model
A Redditor discussing a SOTA large language model

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Updated March 14, 2023

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