Snail Girl Era

What is a Snail Girl Era?

Taking time to care for yourself

If a woman says she's in her Snail Girl Era, it means she's slowing down her life and prioritizing self-care. This phrase originated in 2023, and it is often used in direct contrast to the word girlboss (which describes a woman who prioritizes ambition, hustling, and success).

Origin of Snail Girl Era

Sienna Ludbey, known on Instagram as @hellosisi_, coined the phrase Snail Girl Era. Most popularly, Ludbey used the term within an article published by Fashion Journal in September 2023. In the article, Ludbey described transitioning from her "girl boss persona" to her "snail girl era."

Female TikTokers, especially, took Ludbey's article to heart, and quickly began discussing the merits of entering their own Snail Girl Eras. These TikTokers' videos caused the phrase Snail Girl Era to go viral on TikTok and get noticed outside the platform.


I've been working so hard for so long. I'm so ready to start my Snail Girl Era
Girl, no one deserves it more than you
The headline to Ludbey's Snail Girl Era article
The headline to Ludbey's Snail Girl Era article

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Updated October 19, 2023

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