What is spk short for?


People often use "spk" in texts and online messages to refer to when someone is communicating. Usually, it means that someone is verbally speaking, but a person may be figuratively speaking, aka messaging via typing.

Spk is an insignificant abbreviation that only removes the vowels, which are just two characters. Tlk is another abbreviation that only eliminates the vowel.

An example of when you might see spk is when in a group discussion and someone asks another to "spk up and share your opinion." Or, you might text your BFF to ask if she can spk to her mom about giving you a ride to practice.


Did u spk on the phone with him or tlk 2 him in person?
In-person. He seemed OK
Spk in a tweet
Spk in a tweet

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Updated August 15, 2022

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