What is a Stacy?

An attractive, sexually active woman

You're most likely to encounter the term Stacy on incel-related forums. Incels use this label to describe conventionally attractive, sexually active women, who they desire but also hate.

In incels' minds, Stacys are not only hot, but also popular, vain, and somehow both airheaded and manipulative. They also long to be with Chads, and thus won't give the "average" man the time of day.

Incels often compare Stacys with Beckys, who are the "average" or "below average" women that incels think they may actually have a chance with (or, in more extreme cases, believe they are owed attention from). However, while non-incels sometimes use the Becky label (to describe basic white girls), the Stacy label is used almost exclusively by incels.


Personally, I've found that classifying women as Stacys and Beckys really decreases the chance that they'll like me
A Redditor calling out another user for using the term Stacy
A Redditor calling out another user for using the term Stacy

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Updated May 3, 2023

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