What does stahp mean in texts and online?


Stahp is an exaggerated phonetic spelling of "stop" to sound like a person yelling "stooooop!" (with the "ah" adding emphasis). People may use it in serious situations (e.g., when your friends are being vicious to each other) or in more playful cases (e.g., to react to a post of a Kim Kardashian interview about authenticity).

You will likely see stahp in texts and online, like in social media DMs. For example, your friends may inundate you with a bunch of memes teasing you about your attractive sister, and you reply with, "stahp!! u r despicable!"


STAHP all the spam in this channel!!!
Srsly! So over it

A playful stahp

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Updated September 18, 2023

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