What is techlexia?

Difficulty using technology

If you experience difficulty learning or remembering how to use technology, you might suffer from "techlexia." The slang term plays on the word dyslexia (the name of a learning disability that makes reading difficult) and is not an official medical condition, but it doesn't make it any less challenging for those who wrestle with it.

For example, a techlexic person may need to expend much more energy than the average tech-savvy person to perform simple tasks they've already learned to do, such as converting an image with software or using the correct audio input in a home entertainment center. In addition to spending more effort, they may experience more stress from difficulty integrating into an increasingly digital world.

Examples of techlexic people are parents and grandparents who struggle to grasp abstract tech-related ideas or systems they did not grow up learning. People, including young ones, may also experience techlexia due to other factors, such as working environments (e.g., negative interactions with screens) or lack of patience or desire (e.g., preferring an "analog" world).


My wife has the worst techlexia. And since we started working from home, I've spent hours being her IT guy
That must be hard
Yeah, but I'm glad I can help since she helps me in so many other ways

A typical, sad case of techlexia

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Updated December 5, 2023

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