What does TGNC stand for?

Transgender and gender non-conforming

A person who identifies as TGNC is trans and (or) gender non-conforming, which means they do not submit to expectations placed on their gender by society. TGNC is more specific than the greater and longer QUILTBAG and LGBTTQQIAAP acronyms.

TGNC is one of many gender identity slang terms that people in the LGBTQ community have coined in the 2010s to help members better express their identities. Others include SAAB, PGP, cis, and NB.

You will most likely see TGNC online, whether it be on social media or in a GSM forum where people discuss their identities/orientations. For example, a person may post about the difficulties of living as a TGNC when born female but more comfortable as a male.


I didn't know Matt was TGNC until I saw it in his Twitter bio.
TGNC tweet

TGNC tweet

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Updated July 19, 2022

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