What does TJI mean online?

Try joining in

When encouraging someone to try something, send them "TJI," which stands for "try joining in." You can use it in various contexts, but most people use it in online multiplayer games, typically in the chat room before beginning a match.

Contexts other than gaming where you might see TJI include online forums when a person is not participating. For example, you may be leading a group discussion for a class project, and one of your classmates is not sharing, so you message them, "TJI today. You will get more out of the lesson."

Since TJI is not well-known, you should only send it to seasoned gamers, or slang-savvy people. Otherwise, the recipient will likely not understand what you are saying and will need an explanation.


Hey, we need one extra person on the blue team. TJI
Count me in!

Ron Burgundy uses TJI; join him

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Updated February 27, 2023

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