HB has 3 meanings
1. What does HB stand for?

Hurry back

Someone who sends you HB wants you to "hurry back." You might receive this acronym after telling a friend you're going AFK. That friend wants you to return as quickly as you can, so you can keep chatting.

If you have the time, you can reply to HB with "will do" or BRB, to let the person you're chatting with know you'll be back ASAP. Or, you could spend that time actually doing whatever it is you need to do, so you can return more quickly.


BIAM, I have to answer the phone
OK, HB please! =)

A woman who is about to send HB

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Updated October 11, 2022
2. What does HB stand for?

Hit batsmen

A baseball pitching statistic used to record the number of batters a pitcher has hit with a pitch; similar to the HBP and BB statistics.


He's struggling with his control today with 3 HB in the last 6 innings

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Updated May 27, 2015
3. What does HB stand for?

Hug back

When you send someone a digital hug, they may respond with HB, or "hug back." For example, you might see HB used in response to H, GBH, or XOXO.

Your family and SO are most likely to use HB to mean "hug back," as you exchange hugs and kisses via chat or text messages. However, bros might also use HB to cement a virtual bro hug.


You're such a great friend! <h>
No, you're a great friend! <hb>

Some people don't instinctively HB

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Updated July 19, 2021

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