What is xt short for?


Xt, or "cross-training," is any sort of exercise regimen that combines different types of exercise. For example, a swimmer who also lifts weights is cross-training, as is a marathoner who regularly practices yoga.

These days, cross-training is most commonly associated with CrossFit - a fitness brand whose (sometimes criticized) exercise routines involve varied, high-intensity activities. However, not all cross-training is high-intensity, and you don't have to "do CrossFit" or subscribe to any "official" exercise regimen to cross-train.

Where am I likely to encounter xt?

You're most likely to see exercisers refer to cross-training as xt on social media and in exercise-related forums. You may also see xt on the sign at your local gym, advertising an xt class or regimen.


I think I'm going to try the XT program at the gym?
You totally should! I'll go with you!
A rower whose exercise routine includes xt
A rower whose exercise routine includes xt

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Updated July 18, 2022

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