What is a YTber?


YTber is short for YouTuber. You might see this abbreviation used on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and yes, YouTube, when users are discussing notable YouTubers or YouTube trends.

What is a YouTuber?

A YouTuber is a person who posts videos to YouTube. Typically, when people are discussing YouTubers, they are discussing prominent content creators who make money off of posting YouTube videos. These content creators often draw audiences of thousands or millions of viewers and specialize in posting videos about certain topics. (For example, Minecraft YouTubers post videos about Minecraft.)

Why shorten YouTuber to YTber?

Primarily, social media users shorten YouTuber to YTber to save some typing time when discussing their favorite (or least favorite) YouTubers. For most people familiar with YouTube, YTber is easy to understand, since YT is a common abbreviation for YouTube.


Who is your favorite YTber?
I like Tom Scott a lot. His videos always teach me something new
A Twitter user raving about a YTber they like
A Twitter user raving about a YTber they like

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Updated December 21, 2022

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