What does KEKL mean on Twitch?

Cackling laughter

In Twitch chat, KEKL is used the same as LOL or lulz. The word is also associated with a popular Twitch emote, which features "Spanish Laughing Guy" Juan Joya Borja.

Where does KEKL come from?

KEKL is a variant of KEKW, which is itself a variant of KEK. It's possible that Twitch users began using KEKL in place of and in addition to KEKW because it sounds similar to the word "cackle" - which means "to laugh harshly."

Like KEKW, KEKL is used as both a text-based exclamation and as a Twitch emote. The KEKW and KEKL emotes are both linked to pictures of comedian and actor Juan Joya Borja, who is most famous for a memetic interview he gave in 2007. While KEKW shows Borja in the middle of a BL, KEKL shows Borja in the middle of what certainly looks like a cackle.

How is KEKL used?

You can enter KEKL in Twitch chat anytime a streamer or other user's actions cause you to cackle. Users with access to the KEKL emote can enter :KEKL: in Twitch chat to generate the emote.


KEKL can't believe you did that
The KEKL Twitch emote
The KEKL Twitch emote

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Updated January 20, 2022

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