Bing Bong

What does bing bong mean?

Expression of emphasis

Bing bong is a nonsensical phrase that people use when excited or emphasizing a point. People primarily use it in person or on social media, TikTok and Twitter especially, but may randomly use it in other contexts.

Where did bing bong come from?

While the phrase "bing bong" existed before 2021, this iteration comes from October 20, 2021, when a random New York Knicks fan named Jordie Bloom was interviewed after a thrilling win over the Boston Celtics.

Bloom excitedly shouted the phrase, "Bing bong!" to the camera, and it went viral on social media. He later explained that the term comes from the sound played over the speakers of a subway car when the doors are closing.

After the euphoric video went viral, the Knicks, their players, and their fans have used "bing bong" as a rallying cry, especially on Twitter and TikTok. Also, New Yorkers, in general, have adopted the term, even claiming that people can only use it if they are New Yorkers.

When can I use bing bong?

Since the phrase is nonsensical, you can pretty much use it whenever. However, most people use it when pumped about something, like getting a raise or when a crush says "yes" to going on a date with them. Or, people might use it to emphasize a statement, like a hot take, a tweetsult, or an IDGAF type mic drop revelation.


I can't believe the Knicks pulled off another upset. Bing bong!

Jordie Bloom uttering "bing bong" in the viral video

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Updated December 2, 2021

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