What is a complisult?

An insulting compliment

A complisult is a compliment a person gives that is also offensive. For example, a person may comment on a pic you share online, "You look amazing in this photo. I didn't even recognize it was you!"

It is unclear who coined "complisult," but it is a combination of "compliment" and "insult," which people may also refer to as a "backhanded compliment." Additionally, people may intentionally dish out complisults, or they may be entirely accidental.

For example, a jealous friend may give you a complisult about your new house, and you know it was on purpose. Or, a mother-in-law who means well but often sticks her foot in her mouth may give you a complisult about your cooking (also known as ICE, which stands for "Invidious comparison eating").


I just got a complisult from my teacher about my outfit
Wow, rude
A hot Abraham Lincoln complisult
A hot Abraham Lincoln complisult

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Updated October 4, 2023

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