1. What does BFU mean in Czech?

Bezny Franta uzivatel

BFU stands for "Bezny Franta uzivatel," which is Czech for "common Frank user." People primarily use it in central Europe to describe inexperienced computer users but may also use it in general when people make blunders.

You will most likely see the acronym online when people criticize other users for doing something stupid. Some classic BFU blunders include taking a screenshot of your desktop with your phone's camera or trying to turn your computer on when its power cord is not even plugged into the outlet.


I thought I knew something about computers, but I feel like such a BFU around all these computer nerds
BFU refers to an inexperienced computer user
BFU refers to an inexperienced computer user

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Updated September 6, 2023
2. What does BFU mean in regard to using computers?

Brain free user

BFU is an insult that suggests the computer user is lacking a brain. Therefore, a BFU is someone who is not very smart or is lacking understanding at the moment (they maybe had a brain fart).

You will likely never encounter BFU since it is a rare acronym, but if you do, a cocky techie will probably use it to deride a struggling novice. For example, an advanced user in a computer tech forum may describe a person looking for help as a BFU if they think they lack intelligence.


Tech support said they had another BFU that broke his computer today, so they had to spend the afternoon fixing it
Yikes, so they still haven't addressed Matt's access permission issue?

Typical BFU behavior

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Updated January 25, 2023

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