What does CRN mean in texts and online?

Chuckling right now

CRN is a variation of LOL but with a lighter tone. People typically use it in messages to let another person know they are laughing at something, whether it be a video, meme, or funny text.

For example, if your friend texts you a hilarious meme, you might reply with, "omg! crn." Or, your sister may send a funny video of your dad, and you respond with"CRN. I love it!"

While people often use CRN in messages, they may also use it online on social sites, forums, etc. For example, a person may post "CRN" on Reddit to react to a funny story.


LOL, that text was pretty hilarious
I know. CRN

Ryan Gosling is CRN

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Updated September 6, 2023

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