What is edtwt mean on Twitter?

An eating disorder community on Twitter

Edtwt is an abbreviation for "eating disorder Twitter," which refers to a community of Twitter users that have experienced or are currently experiencing eating disorders (EDs). It is a controversial space on Twitter, with many accusing it of glorifying EDs and worsening users' conditions.

Many edtwt users seek advice to combat their EDs, while others seek encouragement to continue pursuing their unhealthy and obsessive lifestyles. If you peruse edtwt, you will likely encounter images and memes related to users' EDs. You will also likely encounter the following terms:

  • thinspo (short for "thin inspiration")
  • fatspo (short for "fat inspiration")
  • chubspo (short for "chubby inspiration")
  • meanspo (short for "mean inspiration")
  • sweetspo (short for "sweet inspiration")
  • bonespo (short for "bone inspiration")
  • proana (short for "pro-anorexia")
  • promia (short for "pro-bulimia")

Twitter is not the only place you will find an online community of users struggling with EDs. TikTok (edtok) is another social media space inhabited by ED users, along with Reddit subreddits and ED web forums.


I had to get off edtwt bc I wasn't getting any better scrolling those posts
Good for you
Edtwt post
Edtwt post

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Updated November 15, 2022

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