What is thinspo?

Thin inspiration

Thinspo is an abbreviation for "thin inspiration," or thinspiration, which is content meant to encourage people (mainly females) to lose weight to become thin. Pictures, videos, memes, and personal stories are common forms of thinspo.

You will find thinspo all around the Internet, but social media is a hotbed for thinspo, especially among influencers' posts that implicitly and explicitly endorse the pursuit of thinness. Thinspo has led to several body-related trends, such as thigh gaps, ribcage bragging, and bikini bridges.

Is thinspo wrong?

Thinspo is generally criticized by health professionals and parents of impressionable teenage daughters. People typically steer others away from thinspo and toward fitspo, or fitspiration, which is a healthier and more attainable goal for all body types.


This thinspo content is flooding my feed
Yeah, that's part of the reason I got off IG
Jack Skellington is true thinspo
Jack Skellington is true thinspo

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Updated October 11, 2022

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