What does F2M stand for?

Female to male

A transgender person that is transitioning or has transitioned from female to male may identify as "F2M" online. It is one of many acronyms and abbreviations people in the LGBTQ community use to help communicate their gender identity.

F2M refers to someone who was assigned the female gender when born but now identifies on the masculine side (as a transman or man) of the gender spectrum. The acronym is the same as FTM.

People may use F2M as a noun or as an adjective. For example, a man may put "F2M" in his Twitter bio. Or, he may confess in a web forum, "My family is struggling to accept me as an F2M."


I didn't know Jake is an F2M
Yeah, I think he transitioned in his twenties
F2M tweet
F2M tweet

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Updated June 28, 2022

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