What is a fundie-lite?

A very religious person

A fundie-lite is a person who is very religious but not quite a fundamentalist. The person adheres to strict beliefs but makes some minor exceptions, thus he is the "lite" version of a fundie.

Fundie-lites are typically zealous about their beliefs; believing everything in their religious text is literally true and attempting to live their lives in complete obedience to it. In America, fundie-lites are typically Christian but may be Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, or subscribers of another religion.

Fundie-lite in America

In America, a fundie-lite is usually a right-wing conservative Protestant Christian. He believes everything in the Bible is indisputably true and may reject modern societal norms and scientific discoveries.

However, fundie-lites are not as fervent as fundies. Fundies may only homeschool their kids whereas fundie-lites may let their kids go to a private Christian school. Fundie-lites may also be laxer in the areas of dating, female dress code, and church and family structures.

How is fundie-lite used?

Fundie-lite is often used as a pejorative, meant to criticize a person's lifestyle and intolerance of non-believers. You may hear it in person or see the term on social sites, in online forums, and in articles discussing different religions, often in a critical way.


I grew up in a fundie-lite household where we were at least allowed to date

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Updated April 28, 2021

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