What is a fundie?

A religious fundamentalist

A fundie is a person who adheres to a strict ideology of a particular religion. It typically refers to a fundamentalist Christian but may refer to all types of religious fundamentalists.

Fundies are typically extremely zealous about their religion. They believe everything in their religious text is literally true and attempt to live their lives in complete obedience to it.

Fundies in America

In America, a fundie is often a right-wing conservative Protestant Christian that believes everything in the Bible is indisputably true. A fundie may also reject the progression of society and modern scientific discoveries if they conflict with Biblical beliefs.

Some examples of fundie behavior are strict dress codes for women, homeschooling, and male-only leadership complemented by submissive females in the church and family structure. One prominent example of fundies in pop culture is the Duggar family from the reality TV show 19 Kids and Counting.

How is fundie used?

People who use the term usually do so in a derogatory manner, calling out fundies' intolerance of non-believers and even other denominations in the same faith. You may see the term on social sites, in articles and online forums, and hear it in person when discussing different religious practices and followers, often in a critical way.


I'm really nervous about my parents meeting his parents because they are fundies and mine are Catholic

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Updated April 28, 2021

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